Sidekicked by John David Anderson

Sidekicked by John David Anderson

Publisher: Walden Pond Press

Publication Date: June 25, 2013

Recommended Grades: 4-8

“Andrew Bean might be part of H.E.R.O., a secret organization for the training of superhero sidekicks, but that doesn’t mean that life is all leaping tall buildings in single bounds.”

Possessed with super senses, Andrew is able to hone his super power during H.E.R.O. meetings in a secret location in his middle school. His superhero mentor, a former legend, spends more time sitting in bars than fighting crime. And then a super-villain long thought dead returns to the city. Middle school is already hard; it’s only harder with superpowers!

A fast paced, fun read, boys and girls looking for an adventure to read this summer, should look no further! Sidekicked has it all: twists and turns, mystery and intrigue

I’m excited to be a part of John David Anderson’s blog tour!  Come back to  Literacy Toolbox on July 16th and learn all about his writing process!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from the publisher.

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