Share a Story, Shape a Future: Literacy the First Five Years Day Five

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This week we celebrate Share a Story, Shape a FutureThe theme this year is, “Literacy: The First Five Years.”  As part of Day 5, “Look Mom, I Can Read”, I share the following post: 

Text Features with Kindergartners

Last year, I plugged into kindergarten classes once a week and provided literacy enrichment.  As part of a unit on nonfiction, students learned about different text features and then borrowed from author’s craft to write their own.  Afterwards, I placed each student’s text features into a booklet for students to take home.

We began by looking at several different text features.  I read aloud a nonfiction book or periodical to students, and thought aloud about the text features I came upon.  We created a list of text features that we might find in other nonfiction books.   I also provided students with this text feature graphic so they could keep track of the types of text features they found as we read a new book or periodical each week.  (They completed a new graphic for each new book).

Over the course of the month, we looked at three different (more engaging) text features: labels, diagrams, and different fonts.  After I read aloud a book and thought aloud about the types of text features I found, we would focus on one feature.  Students then had the opportunity to borrow from authors and write an example of their own label, diagram, or different types of fonts.

The Common Core is knocking at the door and nonfiction is an integral component.  Teaching nonfiction to our students in school or even at home can be fun and engaging.  Kindergarten students are naturally curious.  Let’s feed that curiosity by immersing students in nonfiction as they begin their school careers.  A mini-unit on text features is a fun way to begin a child’s journey into nonfiction.

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