Tool Time Rewind: A Month in Review on Literacy Toolbox and Challenge Updates

June was spent exploring summer learning options at Literacy Toolbox.  The main learning opportunity for our summer is the Summer 2011 Reading Challenge.  If you signed up and are participating, please take a minute to update us on your child’s reading goals.  You may do so by leaving a comment below telling us how many books your child read for the month of June and one or two favorite titles.  Or, if you blog, you may write a blog post and link to it in the widget at the bottom of this post.

Our Challenge Update

My son’s goals were to read 6 books once his break began in June.  His break began on June 17th.  He read a total of 3 books in June.  We will discuss and adjust his goals for July.  His favorite book for June was Squish #1: Super Amoeba by Matt and Jennifer Holm.  This is the first in a new series by the brother/sister duo.  They are also the authors of Babymouse #1: Queen of the World! which is the first in a series. Here is a great interview at Graphic Novel Reporter about the authors’ idea to write a new series that stars a pretty inventive main character.  As we head off for vacation next week, he has big plans to bring at least six books with him. The next challenge update will be July 31st!

Our New Look

If you are a regular reader, you have probably noticed a change to the design of Literacy Toolbox!  I owe a huge thank you to Chris Singer of Book Dads and Chris Singer Consulting.  He graciously helped me re-design my website (Links to Literacy) and this blog.  I hope you find the new Literacy Toolbox user friendly, but filled with the same content you are used to.  I have plenty of ideas for small tweaks and changes and hopefully will be able to enact some of them over the summer.

And now on to Tool Time Rewind:

Resources for Summer Learning

Are you looking for activities to do with your children this summer?  Perhaps sneak a little learning in?  Check out this post to find two resources that provide just that!

Lit World’s Summer Missions

Lit World is working to spread literacy across the globe.  This summer, they are working on two missions, getting books to kids in Harlem and Kenya!

Summer Action Plans

I find we accomplish more as a family if we have a plan in place.  This year, we made a summer action plan.  Check out the video to see what we did.

Setting Summer Reading Goals

It’s always important for children (and adults) to set goals.  I find setting reading goals as just as important.  Check out the videos here to see how my son set his summer reading goals and my daughter set her summer sight word goals.

Trying to Prevent Summer Slide: Ways to Continue Learning Over the Summer

Summer slide is a very real phenomenon that hits many children over the summer.  I try to do my part to prevent summer slide in my own children and share many ideas for how we continue learning over the summer.

And that is Tool Time Rewind for the month of June.  July will be dedicated to reviews of some great books!  Come back and check out what I have to share!

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