Resources for Summer Learning

As we head into summer in the U.S., here are two fantastic resources you may want to consider perusing to give you a few ideas to enhance your child’s summer learning.

Lit Lava is in its ninth edition!  Edited by Susan Stephenson of The Book Chook, Lit Lava is a FREE pdf download for parents chock full of activities to support your child’s reading, writing, and communicating with creativity. You’ll find ideas to help kids choose language and point of view in Writing Tips for Kids, look at Scrabble as a spelling method, find out why adults should read children’s books, explore online resources that support reading, and more.  Click on the link above to download the current issue or the link on the button to find the archives.

A new resource this summer is the we teach summer learning e-book.  This is a compilation of activities with over 25 ideas for summer learning from we teach members.  You will find craft ideas, cooking ideas, literacy ideas, math ideas, science ideas, focused play ideas, and more! And if you aren’t familiar with we teach, I suggest you check out the site.  It’s a great forum for parents and teachers alike to share ways to teach our children, no matter the classroom.

And don’t forget, if you are the parent or teacher of an independent reader, Literacy Toolbox’s first Summer Reading Challenge is occurring right now!  Sign up until June 17th!

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