Summer 2011 Reading Challenge Update

Some of you may have noticed a few changes around here… I hope these changes will help me run this blog more smoothly and will allow me to bring readers a few fun things around here!

Earlier this month, I posted a Summer 2011 Reading Challenge that my son will complete this summer.  I had a huge response which made me very excited!  Then I had some issues with the linky I used.  Being a newbie to linkies, I’m not sure I chose the right one and many people had difficulty trying to sign up.  Have no fear!  I believe I have solved that problem with a new linky.  So, I’m going to make a few changes. . .


  • School is not out for some until the middle of June – my own son included – I will extend the sign up period to June 17th.  Please sign up by then.  The challenge will still run from June 1 (tomorrow!) until August 31st.
  • Here is a different graph, Summer 2011 Reading Challenge.Goals (it provides children with the opportunity to read more than 20 books and graph their goals as well – thanks to Jen from Teach Mentor Texts for this idea!) and a goal sheet as well, if you would like to use either of these.
  • The original Challenge Logistics are posted below with the new linky (Mr. Linky – at the bottom of the post).  I have transferred over the names of those that signed up already.  Please check to see if your name is on there and if it’s not, please add it!  I don’t want anyone missing out because of my technological inadequacies!
  • If you were one of the original people to sign up – please shoot me an email at DLittle [at] linkstoliteracy [dot] com with your email.  I would like to send a reminder email at the end of each month to have you either comment or link a post to us telling us the number of books your child read and one or two favorite titles.

Original Summer Challenge Post:

    So welcome to Literacy Toolbox’s Summer 2011 Reading Challenge!  I hope you will join us!

    Goal: Challenge your child to read independently this summer.  Encourage your child to graph his success!  If you would like to download a Total Number of Books Read in Summer 2011 graph to use, you may do so here.  Or involve your child in making one of his own.  Especially if your child plans to read more than 20 books a month!

    I, personally, joined my own challenge this year – The Centurions of 2011 that high school teacher Paul Hankins started.  My challenge is to read 111 books in 2011.  I keep track of the books I read each month and share the titles with the group at the end of the month.  I don’t graph my results, but may do so over the summer to share in the experience with my son.

    Challenge Logistics:

    1. Sign up below by May 31, 2011.  The challenge will run from June 1 through August 31, 2011 and is open to independent child readers.

    2.  Plan to begin on the first day of your summer vacation, but for the purpose of this challenge, we will include any reading that your child does between June 1 and August 31.  Encourage your child to read independently every day.

    3. Plan to check back here on the last day of each month (June 30, July 31, and August 31) and share the number of books your child read that month and a couple of favorite titles.  You may do so by leaving a comment on the page or by writing your own post on your blog (if you write one) and linking to it on the last day of the month here.

    4. Prior to starting, ask your child to make a goal for the month.  How many books does he think he can read in one month?  Perhaps differentiate between the number of picture books and the number of chapter books.  Do this at the beginning of each month.  At the end of each month, discuss whether your child met his goal.  If he did not, ask him if he should do something differently to meet the goal he sets for the next month.  If he exceeded his goal, ask him why he thinks he may have done so.

    5.Encourage your child to keep track of the number of books he reads each day.  Consider making a special journal to keep the title of books read.  This will help him keep track of the total number of books he reads, but also serves as a reminder of titles that he can look back on when looking for a new book to read.  Help him graph the total number of books he reads each month.

    6. Consider joining your child in the challenge.  In other words, challenge yourself to read independently along with him.  Set goals, keep track of the number of books you read, and graph your results.  This is a great way to model for your child what “real readers” do.  Real readers might not graph their results, but they certainly set goals and re-evaluate them.

    7. Most of all…have fun!

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